Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Who wants to read that gov't sponsored health care bill everyone's been begging for/ afraid of? If the answer is "Me! Me!" please click here. And if the answer is, "That stuff is boring! I'll find out what I think on Fox News/MSNBC later," please don't vote in the next election.
Dick Cheney likes to kill people! Seymour Hersh said it, the New York Times accidentally referenced it (read the Hersh blurb first), and then this week the Times full-on reported it. Tell me, how do you get away with creating death squads available for deployment in Nowhere, Pakistan, where they will supposedly kill terrorists but are much, much more likely to cause an international incident? How do you make them personally answerable to you, without any congressional oversight at all? How do you do that as Vice President of the United States, a position with no actual authority or influence? And why aren't you in jail, if you do manage to pull it off?

One of life's little mysteries. Choice quote from the article "'It sounds great in the movies, but when you try to do, it it’s not that easy,' said one former intelligence official. 'Where do you base them? What do they look like? Are they going to be sitting around at headquarters on 24-hour alert waiting to be called?'" Remember, Dick Cheney did not serve his country during the Vietnam War! Or any other war! Mostly, he served himself.

Truly, he is the trickiest Dick of all.
Randall Terry is the victim/subject of a not altogether sympathetic profile in the Washington Post today, which chronicles his troubled personal life and the dangers of extreme pro-lifing, which, as anyone who ever went to an Operation Rescue Rally will tell you, is a full-contact sport.
And Matt Taibbi's hair-raising article about Goldman Sachs is finally up at Rolling Stone. It is quite frightening, even if read with an appropriate skepticism (Taibbi is a brilliant writer, but he's an investigative journalist, which means he presumes people guilty until proven innocent. It's the only way to do it, and he does it well). A good, if not altogether successful rebuttal is here at reasonable libertarian Megan McArdle's blog on The Atlantic.

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